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High-Pressure - Water Saving
Anti-Bacterial Shower Head
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High Pressure - Water Saving
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Customer Reviews
of customers that buy from this merchant give them a 5-Star rating
My hairstylist noticed the difference. My skin and hair is much smoother and hydrated!
By Michelle
Love it! ❤️ I thank you, my hair thanks you, my body thanks you! I am very conscious of my pH level in my body and drink only alkaline water. This showerhead makes total sense! I am PH perfect! Inside and out.
Love this shower from Ecowater. Skin feels much cleaner already!
By Terin. B
Wow! I just received it last week, took 4 days with USPS.  I have an auto immune disorder that causes my scalp to be extremely dry and itchy, after just 1 wash my scalp is way less dry and clear and hair is so soft and shiny! 
I can not say enough great things about this shower head.
By Adam
The pressure of the water feel excellent; strong and comfortable at the same time. Got one for my elderly mother; she called me just to tell how good the shower head was. I've paid for many shower heads that coast so much more and the low price of this one cant beat it. If you read this get one you wont be sorry.
This Shower head is great.
By Rebecca
We recently moved into an older house that didn’t have the greatest water pressure, but this took care of it. The three settings are great and useable too. I’ve had many shower heads in the past and they always have some weird settings that are never useable; but not this one. Also simple to change the settings. I also suffer from dry skin, and this seems to be helping a lot. I would highly recommend buying this item and giving it a try for yourself. I LOVE mine and show it to all my friends (yea, I’m sure they think I’m weird)
I was skeptical at first, then this shower head proved me wrong!
By Amanda
I freaking love this showerhead! It feels so good on my skin and I feel so refreshed and skin is hydrated! My boyfriend loves it too! He says it's like a mist feel. I like the spray settings too, ugh just in love with this!
 Oh my god! This feels so good.
By Mark 
My wife purchased this new shower head without my knowledge, and when it came in she handed it to me and said “I hope you like it”
I thought nothing of it until I showered, and now that I’ve used it, I have to say that I love it.
The fine mist, the jet power, the air that it blows while using it is amazing!

So far I’ve recommended it to my brother and my parents as well.
I recommend it to everyone!!

I’m gonna buy two more, just in case they’re sold out when I need to replace the one I have.

Thank you guys, it’s awesome, I love it!!
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